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The Fear in Transphobia

Content Notice: mentions of cissexism, genitals, and reproductive organs

Have you ever heard that defence people use, when accused of homophobia, “but I’m not afraid of gay people”?

I don’t think everyone who says something like that is wrong about themselves, or lying, but I do think that fear is one of the root causes of identity-based bigotry like homophobia and transphobia. As I explain, it will become clear why this phenomenon is specific to these forms of bigotry, even though the bigotry often manifests in the same harmful ways that all bigotry does: with anger, hatred, microaggressions, and violence.

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Kandy, Zoraida, Yaz’min, Tiffany, Mia

[Trigger Warnings: murder, mentions of transphobia and misgendering]

Those are the names of the five transgender women murdered in June.

Kandy Hall, 40 (Baltimore, Maryland), Zoraida Reyes, 28 (Anaheim, California), Yaz’min Shancez, 31 (Fort Myers, Florida), Tiffany Edwards, 28 (Cincinnati, Ohio), Mia Henderson, 26 (Baltimore, Maryland).

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