No Offense, WordPress, But I Want To Strangle You

I’ve spent 9 hours today battling with WordPress, because it insists on making everything difficult. I’ve spent hours trying to get a working contact form, because for some reason I don’t quite understand, I can’t send emails from a Gmail address to a Gmail address with them (and that was after heaps of screwing about to get forms that look and act how my boss wanted). And why oh why, WordPress, much you mess up the html I put in a page? And how are you merging two tags together? I don’t understand how that makes any sense at all.

Ugh, I’m so over this, I’m a developer, I hate using things that try to do the code for me. I don’t even like Dreamweaver because it changes my tags without asking! I did all my high school web projects in Text Editor instead, and was glaring daggers at the teacher when she made me do one in Dreamweaver.

There have been benefits, at least: I’ve got more of an understanding of what all those PHP files do and how to modify a theme a little more specifically (I’m not a PHP person – yet. It’s on my to-learn list), and I’ve some ideas for when I finally getting around to fixing up the theme for this blog, instead of all my mucking around with WordPress being work. Although being paid to learn something I kind of want to learn anyway is always good.

Except when there’s pay issues… The other thing bugging me today (aside from noise and illness and a headache and can people please shut up and get quieter cars! Some garages contain people trying to work, y’know!) is something that should’ve been expected when someone bad at match was put in charge of paying people.

I decided to actually check how much I’d been paid for, and found that somewhere along the lines my pay schedule had been messed up and I’d been overpaid one week, which all added up to the fact I couldn’t be paid my usual amount today. After half an hour figuring it out myself, and then another half hour trying to explain it, my ‘paycheck’ has been cut almost in half.

The good side: I’ll have earnt the maximum amount I could’ve under this contract. The bad: this is my last ‘paycheck’ for this contract, and my contract hasn’t expired yet. So for the rest of the month I get no more money from this job – my income will drop 75%, to not even enough to cover food, travel, and my share of rent. Back to mooching off my partner’s welfare – hilarious, to him, seeing as welfare isn’t even enough for one person.

This wouldn’t be too bad normally, because I could feed my dog shitty food, and I’ll only be going out 2 or 3 times a week, and I could just eat pasta and not much else. But since my dog got sick he can’t eat the cheap food, and he’s too underweight for me to skimp on him, plus he needs to go back to the vet for a checkup and shots. And I’ve set out a meal plan for myself that seems to be working: I based it off what my doctor suggested, and it’s all food I like to eat, and I think it covers all my nutritional needs (it’s at least the closest I’ve ever gotten to that!). It’s kind of expensive, though. Not as bad as I thought, it was under $100 for the weeks’ worth of groceries, but that’s still half my money for the fortnight now.

Oh yeah, and I owe my dad basically all my savings. And I have an expensive appointment next week. And the whole trying-to-manage-chronic-illness thing isn’t exactly helped by stressing out about money, doubly so when I’m trying to apply for a job I really, really want, and now will only have about a day and a half to prepare for.

So… What was the bright side again?

I’m going to make tea, curl up under all the blankets and watch an episode of Murder She Wrote before bed – I should’ve gone to bed an hour ago, seeing as I’m trying to shift my sleeping patterns so I can get up at 5am the day I need to.


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