Well I’ve Been Busy Today

I started out today not feeling great, and having an hour before I had to start work that I decided to spend starting a post. It was just going to be a little rant about being tired and sick, and then I got a little side-tracked.

There have been a few things lately I’ve wanted to blog about, and work had me doing some WordPress stuff so getting back to this blog and pretty-ing it up has been on my mind. I’ve made minor improvements, but I’ll need to set aside a few hour to make a custom theme some time – I just can’t find a standard theme I like more than just doing my own thing, and CSS is fun (and no, that’s not sarcasm, I’m a nerd).

So long story short: I ended up doing a little post about the distinct rise in murders of trans women – particularly trans WOC – and another about the shooting of Michael Brown, as these two things have been on my mind a lot. I’m by no means an expert, or even particularly informed, about either issue, so I’ve got a lot of links to other places. And I’m not a proper journalist-type blogger or anything, I just read a lot, and I really suck at conclusions/final paragraphs, so they’re pretty amateurish and basic, but I found them enjoyable to write – even though it took hours (all my free time today aside from work) and I haven’t exactly eaten today.

Of course my partner has made me want to write another post, as he read an article I shared about the character Sarah from The Walking Dead game Season 2 and the ableism displayed in both the game an interviews with the game’s creators, and he sent an email to Telltale Games to inform them they’ve lost us as customers. I’m pretty disappointed with them, because The Walking Dead game has been praised for its diversity so far, and I was really looking forward to The Wolf Among Us.

I probably will do a full post about it, especially if I find more examples of ableism so the post isn’t really boring and I have enough to say.

Now I really need to go make gravy before I eat all my dinner plain and then I’ll still want gravy and have to drink it – and I get weird looks when I do that (living with me for a year you’d think people would learn to expect gravy-drinking).

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