So I Did a Really Good Job of Sticking With This…

I suck at sticking to writing quotas or writing in a journal or keeping up with a blog – I know this, but I’m always hopeful that this time I’ll stick with it, or at least get better at it. My goal for this was one post per week. I did three posts, each a week apart, and then life distracted me.

So what have I been doing that’s so distracting? Mostly lying in bed being sick and watching whatever show we’re currently on (I started this blog midway through Farscape, after that was SG-1, Star Trek Enterprise, then Digimon, but two episodes into Adventure 02 we’ve had to go back to Dragonball Z so I won’t be completely lost watching the new movie… and a few movies scattered in there, like some Resident Evil and about 5 Nightmare on Elm Streets). And a trip to the ER last week that was about as much fun as being made to wait around for 7 hours to be told they don’t know what’s wrong and to go home – OH WAIT that’s exactly what it was like.

The incompetence of not even checking the iron levels of someone who’s iron deficient anemic and came in after collapsing, with a 2 month history of partial blackouts.

Oh and then the exploding pain in my abdomen that they didn’t even make accurate notes about, and the pain meds they gave me caused an allergic reaction.


Yeah, I’m a little sour about it. I’m going on 6 months of abdominal pain, reflux and nausea, with at least 4 months of random stabbing pains that started in the tips of my fingers and toes and have been slowly spreading from there, spreading faster up my legs (to about mid-shin now) than my hands (haven’t passed my wrists yet). But I get so much joint pain and back pain and now chest and rib pain that it’s hard to know what’s related to what.

Oh and temperature fluctuations/hallucinations are fun. I’ll overheat and then freeze, or my head and neck will overheat while the rest of me is shivering, or yesterday my back was hurting from heat, but to my partner the skin felt normal or even cool (while his hands felt oven-hot and really hurt).

So I’ve got piles of symptoms I need to get checked out – this isn’t even the full list – and a renewed hatred and mistrust of doctors to give me less than zero motivation to actually go see my GP.

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